A New Channel is about to be Born! 

                                                                           OUR BROADCASTING SERVICE POLICY:

One World Television  is the response to the many Viewers  who are concerned that their teenagers are growing up under the influence of hundreds of Television Channels that are pouring out programs that glorify Violence,as typified by the usual Police versus organised Crime series.  Not only was the Gangland scene in America created on the backs of these programs,but social Scientists claim that domestic violence has been generated in the home,due to an instensification of the negative influences of these genre of Programs.

Harmony in the Home is the Focus of that Service. 

We believe that there is a valid place on the Network for a Brand Channel that seeks to establish a haven for harmony in the home, by providing Weekend light entertainment that is focused on providing positive entertainment through the Performing Arts,such as Classical Jazz,folk Music,Open Mic,
including Comedy, Films,Drama,and Educational Programs. Our aim is to launch Our Brand with the type of Audience in Mind who would like to escape the same old run of mill programs that play on their nerves,create tension,angst,and who would prefer that they enjoyed their weekends freedom from work,to de-stress,relax in the sanctuary of their homes and enjoy themselves rather than allow their senses  to be invaded. Our sense of ethics acknowledges the idea that Children will be growing up with a Television Channels content touching their memories,so we would like theirs to be positive ones.



                           FRESH CONTENT & NINE NEW SERIES                             

                                                                                                                SKY is the Target but not the Limit!


       We are scheduling 9 New Series and a plethora of quality Productions from the
BBC that other Channels are simply not buying; only because they are considered too
expensive in comparison to recycling a Channels archived and owned Content list,
and in other words dishing out repeat after repeats!




One World Television is holding a torch for more Fresh Program Content

                                   and less coursings of Repeats!

                                 "ITS FIRESIDE ENTERTAINMENT"

                                   Fire is the natural element that provides warmth,nurtures memory and supports inspiration and enlightenment.   

                                            The "One World Television Channel" is tuned in to providing that "auspicious"  Fireside Entertainment

                       that can manage to muster those moments of harmony that can foster past and future memories of happiness in the home...

                                                                                                              this simply is the theme.

                                                How?  Thats as easy as not schedulling zombie horror,gore,blood n guts and in your face Murder.

                                                                                                             and on a less serious note...                                      

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                                                                         Refreshing Content!                                      

                   Later... with Jools Holland Series 35                           

Music 10 x 60'

First TX Date: 15 September 2009

Live music, a relaxed studio audience peppered with the odd celebrity guest, and an upbeat, jovial host. Welcome to the cultural stalwart that is

Later...with Jools



                     BBC Proms 1984: Handel

Music 1 x 40'

First TX Date: 20 July 1984

A recording of concert given at the Royal Albert Hall on the 11th August by The English Concert and The BBC Singers. They perform two works by Handel:

Music For the Royal Fireworks' and 'The King shall Rejoice'.




              Burt Bacharach - This is Now

Music 1 x 50'

First TX Date: 1 January 1996

Forty years after his first hit single (Perry Como's Magic Moments), Burt Bacharach is enjoying a chart-topping revival. In between, he has collected an

 Oscar for Butch Cassidy, introduced a catalogue of classics and worked ...




Coldplay - Ghost Stories 

Music 1 x 52'

First TX Date: 19 May 2014

A mesmerising film capturing Coldplay, one of the biggest bands in the world, performing tracks from upcoming sixth studio album Ghost Stories.

 Filmed in a custom-built amphitheatre in front of an audience of just 800 lucky ...




                                      Parkinson 2002

Comedy 21 x 60'

First TX Date: 23 February 2002

The undisputed king of chatshows returns with more wonderfully relaxed and entertaining interviews with top names from the world of showbiz.

 Among those appearing in this series are Tom Hanks, David Bowie, Michael Palin, ...



The Catherine Tate Show Series 3 

Comedy 6 x 30'

First TX Date: 26 October 2006

Catherine Tate, winner of the 2004 British Comedy Award for Best Comedy Newcomer, returns with her popular sketch show featuring an extraordinary

gallery of comic characters. From 'Am I bovvered?' teenage nightmare Lauren to ...



                    Journey Into Jazz

Music 1 x 30'

First TX Date: 8 March 1997

Gunther Schuller's Journey into Jazz is an innovative blend of symphonic music, jazz and story-telling. This rare and unique performance for television

combines live music recordings with narrated animation, using the latest ...




                                 Pacific Abyss 

Natural History 3 x 50'

First TX Date: 17 August 2008

In one of the most ambitious underwater projects undertaken, a 30-strong team of divers, marine biologists and underwater filmmakers join

forces to travel nearly 2,000 miles through the tiny islands of Micronesia in the ...





                                   Lizzie and Sarah  

Comedy 1 x 30'

First TX Date: 20 March 2010

Two of the UK's best female writer/performers are behind this devastatingly dark comedy short about two 50-something suburban housewives

who find a way to wreak revenge on their unloving, selfish husband