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Television Programs orders Protocol!

Prepared For  "Acquisition Executives"


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5 Star Film Company Ltd.

Contact: Skype: star_films

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Assuming that we have all necessary materials ready, here are the suggested maximum Timeline milestones.

1. Program Catalogue Research:  
    (1 week)

2. Skype Meeting:                           
   (4 days)

3. Implementation:                          
    (Orders can be implemented via our website once the client has                            registered.      
     Registration can begin immediately.  
     at the Terms & Conditions page.

4. Compliance:     
   (Barb reports relating to each program broadcast must be delivered         within 30 days from each broadcast)

5. Contract Signing: (If we are distributing Your Programs,or you are            accessing our avails)
   14 days from Registration.

If you decide to approve this proposal, we can set up a meeting to further discuss details, dates and milestones.
Our delivery of Content files,will precede payment,which should be confirmed once files have been checked & approved.

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5 Star Film Company Ltd.

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