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 (Harmony in the Home is the Focus.

                                                                                    (The Brand & Its Broadcasting Service Policy)
One World Television is the response to the many viewers who are concerned that today's youth are 
growing up under the influence of hundreds of Television channels that are pouring out programs which glorify violence. Some Social Scientists studies have led them to believe that domestic violence,as well as School bullying is related to the emotional impact of conditional programming related to watching far too much violent  TV Program content.

Holding on to the mission in the belief that there is a valid place on the network for a "positive content" only Television Channel that will amass popularity & appeal,here is a Brand Channel that seeks to establish a haven for harmony in the home by providing positive entertainment through the performing arts and many other genres. Programs in the genre of Classical, Jazz, Folk Music,Comedy,Films, Dramas and Educational Programs. Our aim is to launch with the type of audience in mind who would like to escape the same old stereotyped programs that are deliberately sound tracked to get a sensational grip on the audience by playing on their nerves,in order to evoke fear,or create tension and angst.

The Programs would reach an audience who would prefer enjoying their weekends and evenings of freedom to de stress and relax in the sanctuary of their homes enjoying quality and cultural entertainment.  Our sense of ethics acknowledges the idea that children will be growing up with a Television channels' content touching their lives and memories, so we intend to provide positive content for all.


     Fresh Content and 18 New Series           
 We are scheduling an unprecedented 18 new series and a plethora of quality fresh productions from the BBC that other channels are simply not buying. Could this be because they are considered a more expensive option in comparison to recycling the channels archived content list?  Our principle is to adhere to the cause that a Television Channel also has a responsibility to re-invest in the businesses that creates new Content,so we cannot feel content with a process of dishing out repeat after repeats throughout the year!  One World Television will maintain to provide lots of fresh,entertaining and quality programs everyone will enjoy. 
"Fireside Entertainment!"

Fire is the natural element that provides warmth, nurtures memory and supports inspiration and well being.

The "One World Television Channel" is tuned in to providing that auspicious "Fireside Entertainment" that can manage to muster moments of harmony that foster memories of happiness in the home.

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Where the Wild Men Are with Ben Fogle
Adventurer Ben Fogle travels the planet meeting people who have turned their backs on the trappings of Western society and set up home in some of the most isolated locations on Earth.


The Peter Sellers Story - As He Filmed It
Peter Sellers shot hundreds of home movies during his lifetime. Most have never been screened in public until now. These films, plus interviews with friends and family, provide a privileged glimpse into the private life and imagination of this inventive, original and well-loved actor.


The Diamond Queen
A landmark documentary series from the BBC to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 years as Head of State of the United Kingdom and Head of the Commonwealth. For the first time in modern history a Monarch reaches their Diamond Jubilee. To mark the occasion The Diamond Queen presents a definitive analysis of The Queen’s reign, examining her history, constitutional role and responsibilities and her impact around the world.


Masterclass: Double Bass & Clarinet
The double bass and the clarinet, played classically and jazz-style, are featured in these wonderfully contrasted masterclasses, American jazz supremo Ray Brown inspires three young bassists. Classical bassist Gary Karr demonstrates the instrument's singing quality with a 367-year-old double bass once owned by Koussevitsky. Classical clarinettist Jack Brymer takes two aspiring musicians through Sonata No 2 in E flat by Brahms, and Woody Herman invites three young admirers into his band.


BBC Electric Proms 2007: Paul McCartney
Sir Paul McCartney's performance at the BBC Electric Proms was one of the best live performances of the event. A master of melodies, the former Beatle was joined on stage by a special string section for a truly spectacular and memorable performance including tracks from his album Memory Almost Full as well as some crowd-pleasing classics.


Later... with Jools Holland
Live music, a relaxed studio audience peppered with celebrity guests, and an upbeat, jovial host. Welcome to the cultural stalwart that is Later... with Jools Holland. A ratings winner in the UK since its launch in 1992, this is a show for the true music lover, featuring an eclectic mix of music from a range of artists, crossing all genres and levels; superstar, established and breakthrough.


BBC Proms 1984: Handel
A recording of concert given at the Royal Albert Hall on the 11th August by The English Concert and The BBC Singers. They perform two works by Handel: 'Music For the Royal Fireworks' and 'The King shall Rejoice'.


Burt Bacharach - This is Now
Forty years after his first hit single (Perry Como's Magic Moments), Burt Bacharach is enjoying a chart-topping revival. In between, he has collected an Oscar for Butch Cassidy, introduced a catalogue of classics and worked with artistes as diverse as Tom Jones and Marlene Dietrich. This unique retrospective of his life and career includes an in-depth personal interview, classic archive, footage of him at work, plus tributes from major stars.


Coldplay - Ghost Stories
A mesmerising film capturing Coldplay, one of the biggest bands in the world, performing tracks from upcoming sixth studio album Ghost Stories. Filmed in a custom-built amphitheatre in front of an audience of just 800 lucky fans, the show blends a unique performance with cinematic vignettes and immersive 360-degree projections. Featuring critically acclaimed new singles Magic and Midnight, as well as classic hits Paradise, Clocks and Viva La Vida this is an unforgettable hour of television.


Journey Into Jazz
Gunther Schuller's Journey into Jazz is an innovative blend of symphonic music, jazz and story-telling. This rare and unique performance for television combines live music recordings with narrated animation, using the latest in video technology to tell the story of little Eddie Jackson's progression from classical trumpeter to jazz trumpeter. The Berlin Symphony Orchestra gets together with The Jazz Trio (Wolfgang Engstfeld, Gunnar Plumer and Peter Weiss), trumpeter Randy Brecker and Cool Jazz innovator Charlie Mariano.


Dame Edna: Live at the Palace
The queen of gladioli (aka Australian comedian Barry Humphries) takes up an invitatation from Her Majesty to stay at Buckingham Palace over the Christmas period, and she's been allowed to invite a few friends around. Guests include Jeremy Irons, ex-Spice Girl Mel C, Ronnie Wood and the entire Osbourne family. It's chaos in diamante specs as she moves into her grace and favour apartments - the corgis have been warned...


Alistair McGowan: Posh and Becks Big Impression (Special 2001)
Master impressionist Alistair McGowan takes a satirical look at David and Victoria Beckham in this compilation of sketches from previous shows.


Parkinson 2002
The undisputed king of chatshows returns with more wonderfully relaxed and entertaining interviews with top names from the world of showbiz. Among those appearing in this series are Tom Hanks, David Bowie, Michael Palin, Ricky Gervais, Norah Jones, Stephen Fry, Gillian Anderson, David Attenborough, Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry, the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson and Michael Caine. There is also music from Madness, James Taylor, Diana Krall, Elaine Stritch, Natalie Cole, David Gray and Lionel Richie.


The Catherine Tate Show
A self-titled sketch show from the Perrier-nominated comedian. This hilarious series is a menagerie of instantly recognisable characters, from the Hollywood actress with an over-enthusiastic penchant for botox to the screaming housewife who hollers every time her toast jumps from the toaster. Characters from everyday life are parodied to the extreme as the talented actress morphs through ages, accents and wigs. The critics are hailing Tate as the most exciting female comic performer around.


Lizzie and Sarah
Two of the UK's best female writer/performers are behind this devastatingly dark comedy short about two 50-something suburban housewives perpetually mistreated and ignored by unloving, selfish husbands. The highlight of their otherwise dull lives is their role in an amateur dramatic society. Following the death of a popular local teenager and a dismal birthday lunch endured by Sarah, the two friends decide to get away from it all with a spur-of-the-moment shopping trip. As the day unfolds, they hit upon a way to wreak revenge.


Extras: Xmas 2007 Special
Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant sign off in style, bringing the multi-award-winning, critically acclaimed Extras to an emotional and emphatic end. Former 'background artist' Andy Millman has achieved fame and fortune. His transformation from bit-part stand-in to household name is now complete.


Fry's Planet Word
Language is what defines humans from other species, and with our planet home to around 7,000 different languages, words have played a crucial role in our evolution. Renowned wordsmith Stephen Fry is the perfect guide for this fascinating exploration of language in all its forms: from cutting edge linguistic research to the glories of world literature. The series travels the globe as Fry takes viewers on a journey through the thousands of years since man first mastered speech to the cyber world of today with its html, codes and texting.


Castles: Britain's Fortified History
Castles have always been romanticised, especially in Britain. They have been incorporated into folklore, witnessed bloody battles, played host to the great and the good, and been kept alive in the imagination by the world's great writers and artists. Always spectacular, it has often been their power to inspire that has made them such special places.

Natural History

Pacific Abyss
In one of the most ambitious underwater projects undertaken, a 30-strong team of divers, marine biologists and underwater filmmakers join forces to travel nearly 2,000 miles through the tiny islands of Micronesia in the tropical Pacific Ocean. The mission: to search for new species at abyssal depths in remote and unexplored areas and to glory in the marine life of some of the most incredible coral reefs anywhere on Earth.

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                              One World Television Channel

is also highly motivated towards sponsoring the best of New Film makers who have quality Films already Produced yet with less opportunity for Broadcasting Contracts without a dedicated sponsorship.  In the pipeline is a proposed beacon TV Program called   "The Film-Makers Review Show which will focus on One Film Maker and their work once per month,and shall be bringing to the Public Films that rarely anyone outside of the Cannes Festival audience is likely to see.

The Films shall be reviewed by a University Lecturer,who will appear with the presenter before a live audience.

To help achieve this objective, the Channels Producers seeks to attract Film Makers via their Websites & relevant Social Network Sites in order to draw the Talent to the Channels Review Show


                  Can You See the Trees for the Forest?      

In the U.K, perhaps hundreds of Television Channels are competing for the viewers attention at any one time. What we believe is important is to ascertain what makes a Channel different or stand apart from the status quo.

The Music genre is more popular than most TV Stations tend to appreciate,and significantly the worlds classiest Acts are seldom featured on television. The BBC has earned its reputation for championing the cause to archive the Nations Cultural Heritage,but nevertheless the role of its Heads of Department such as Sir Alan Yentob,is severely restricted,so nevermore has their been a greater need for a Channel to stand apart and seek out and showcase the Worlds most exulted as well as obscured talent.


   Sparkling twinkling animated stars in the sky             Image result for mediaSparkling twinkling animated stars in the sky

The "One World Television Channels"  goal relating to the Performing Arts  is to establish an international archive of broadcast content that exalts the worlds finest cultural accomplishments and justly enables virtuoso musicians & performing artists the opportunity to promote their works to an enlightened audience who appreciate the traditions of the Theatre stage as well as the diversity of the world's ethnic and established genres. 

These traditions comprise but are not limited to Classical, Ethnic, Folk, Jazz, Flamenco, Breton, Celtic, Indian, Classical, Klesma, Latino, Salsa, Africa Hi Life, Rap, Accappela, Barbershop, Gospel, Choral, as well as contributions from the Avant Garde & experimental artisans.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Image result for media                         
                                    Of Course!   
Some Family members wont be so approving of the Channel
 Image result for media
If the consistency of Program Content quality is considered to be a Jewel in the Crown of a Brand   New Channel ...  

  then our blend of "Fireside Entertainment" can rest assured,become a Sure-Fire brand!

                                                                                     CONTENT IS KING!
                                                        To spark a twinkle of mirth before the heart and hearth

                                                         and "Fireside Entertainment" Content is a "Fire Brand"


                                                                             Bright Stars of Comedy

Consider what Little Britain, The Catherine Tate Show & The Office did for British Comedy! 

We believe we have already discovered the next "Big Name" in comedy, but we cant reveal who it is...yet. 

Little girl reading
Our Pledge

Our pledge is to provide a relevant channel which is dedicated to providing responsible entertainment that is more conducive to effecting a positive rather than negative influence upon the viewers lives,as well as a commitment to sponsor program producers,in order to bring more new works into circulation.

This means that the following limits shall apply to our broadcasting philosophy as a means of establishing a classy brand delivery.

                                                               One World Television
shall avoid play out,of the following genres.
                                                               Horror, Crime & Violence, Pop Music,Thrash and Heavy Metal.


Content that appears to exult glorify or depend upon murder, hatred, angst, depression or despair as its theme, will be subjugated for more uplifting features. After all its "The Viewers Evenings & Weekends" so whilst we don't aspire to join a status quo, Our real aim is to witness exultation through the merit of example.

 Some people may think that this shall eliminate entertainment, variety & scope, but this is not the case considering the staggering amount of programs that are featured throughout a Channels Network.

There are a breed of elevated Film Directors that would agree that their Artistic vocation is to instill their Productions in principle, with a creative potential to effect its audience in positive manner.

If that principle being a positive one, is incorporated in scripts that epitomise the very elements that encompass high calibrated  virtuosity,elements such as Compassion altruism or creatively adapted applied ingenuity that works,then the Films inherent charismatic dynamic will surely make it a commercial success.

The role of bringing positive influence Program Content implies that limits need to be imposed upon their antithesis,and that would be the prerogative of concerned motivation,whilst

the conclusion of imposing limitations upon these genres in the scheduling may even be compensated by the inclusion of weekend entertainment that can inspire a shed of happiness & harmony in the Home.                        


How do You want Your Week-end to Be?


                              Stressed!       Dead Relaxed!  or   just  Relaxed & Refreshing?                                                                                                             

                                                   Find out what this Channel will be Fab 4     



                                                                                       The Channel Brands theme is...

                                                    All about  <>  Heart & Hearth <> Keeping Harmony in the Home!

Television reflects the Nations Culture,and the teenage years are when the next  Adult generation to be,formulate their perspectives and mold their propensities to adopt role models standards & values,

This Channels Director wants to satisfy Parents who dont want their children to be enthralled by violence,fist fighting, Armed robbery, action packed adventure as a thrill seeker,but who would prepare to spend these years building a Positive Mental Attitude,as portrayed by the Artisan Actors who have chosen to forge their Careers around selective scripts that have generated Movies that have genuinely moved and inspired them!


                                                     A New Baby in the Family?     

          When the World keeps spinning,someone will need Harmony in the Home!

                                                     That Someone needs the

                                         "ONE WORLD TELEVISION" CHANNEL?  


                A new but un-born "All Positive" outlook  Channel has been conceived!    

                                                                    Entertainment is in Our D.N.A!  

       G1ft3d GIF

                   Animated gif stars twinkling in night sky gif               Animated gif stars twinkling in night sky gif                                              

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  G1ft3d GIF            G1ft3d GIF                      G1ft3d GIF                  

                                                    Happiness in ha-harmony 





             Johnny Depp    Hollywood Walk of Fame - Frank Sinatra Matt Damon                                                                           

         Three banners Stock Photography Three banners Stock Photography Three banners Stock Photography Three banners Stock Photography                                                                     

                     Actor Jim CarreyJohnny DeppDavid Bowie

    Angelina JolieMeryl StreepNicole KidmanScarlett JohanssonDemi MooreSalma HayekBarbra Streisand

          Three banners Stock Photography Three banners Stock Photography Three banners Stock Photography Three banners Stock Photography 



                                     For Lovers of Traditional & Contemporary Music,a Palace of Treasures awaits!
                                                         Go to the World Class Acts Page to find a Sample.


                   Apart from our present Program Schedule,we are sourcing a variety of superb Content

  • West End & Broadway
  • Live Theatre, Musicals & Festivals
  • Live Stage Comedy Performances
  • Music Hall Performances
  • Stand-Up Comedy
  • Fresh Comedy Productions & Films
  • Vegas Acts
  • Cirque Du Soleil
  • Moscow & Chinese Circus
  • Magic Performances including acts from Penn & Teller
  • Comedy Variety Shows, with shows such as Catherine Tate, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-in,Rutland Weekend Television,Not the 9 o clock News,Monty Pythons.
  • Spiritual Concerts with artists such as Jesse Norman & Kathleen Battle
  • Tabernacle Choir
  • Nostalgic Musical Performances from a list of artists including: Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Danny Kay, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Sammy Davis Jr.
  • Scottish Military Tattoo Bagpipes
  • Educational Documentaries
  • History & Natural History Shows
  • Traditional Dances
  • Classic Show Biz
  • Modern Opera
  • Classical & Contemporary
  • Quartets, Trios, Guitar, Cello and Piano Performances
  • Orchestras
  • Classical Medieval from William Bird to Baroque
  • Troubadour, Minstrel, Gypsy & Nocturnes
  • Commentaries
  • Interviews
  • Host Chat Shows
  • Music Talent Review Shows featuring the following genres: Acapella, Barber Shop Choral, Gospel, Avant-garde, Jazz, English/Scottish/Irish Celtic Folk, French Breton, Parisienne Cabaret, Flamenco, Latino, Salsa, Calypso, Traditional Mexican & Brazilian, Cajun, Bluegrass, American Folk & Hoe-Down, Legendary Artists, Traditional and Contemporary.
  • Our Own Edinburgh Festival Review Show

 The Channel was branded to create an alternative for households who want a positive evenings entertainment option.
 The Channel does not condemn the portrayal of any type of human emotion or experience as not having its validity within the Art of Film Making,and does recognise that artistic freedom in creative expression is all important within the entertainment Industry. The Channel was actually branded to create an alternative for households who want a positive evenings entertainment option. Baring in mind that these types of Programs can have a positive influence within the Schools where bullying is expressed as an outcome of Youth who are trying to emulate their tough "as seen on TV" Gangland anti - role Models.


G1ft3d GIF

The Channels Performing Arts policy is dedicated to enriching the performing arts audience awareness by way of selecting "World Class Acts" that are acclaimed for their virtuosity,and ability to demonstrate that they are indeed World Class Acts!     

This site is published for the purpose of introducing clients to the

"One World Television" new pre-launch program schedule.

The official public website will not be published until after the channel,an International Franchise enterprise,has been assigned to launch.

Industry professionals who would like to know more can contact a representative from the "Contact Page".


                  However unfortunately bullying will always be a problem for School Children,until the World is more willing to                                            protect their Children rather than tolerate it. Education must begin at home,but home is where around 86% of all                                      TV Content is based around violence,so surely most People who have Children will agree with us that an                                                                                      Alternative non violent Entertainment Channel will be an asset!