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                                                                                         Present Status Update

                                                                                                      The Story so Far!           


                                                              Our cue to launch schedule is presently postponed,

due to depletion of funds & the necessity to have to pay for 3 mths of broadcasting fees in advance in order to launch.

The development of our Channels brand and franchise operations,took more than 3 years,and during that period launch funds became severely depleted.

We are now in a fundraising cycle,and to facilitate our hope to inaugurate a launch,Investor shares options as well as an Advertising Campaign discount offer,and even a refundable free Advertising Campaign offer have been released.

Furthermore we would like to assure potential advertisers that we are in full preparedness and ready to launch as soon as funds have been precipitated.

Our present state of preparedness facilitates that we have a full team of  Candidates & Directors on board,an Ofcom broadcast license,a broadcast management contract,a Partners EPG assigned on the SKY Channels Network as well as 12 weeks of programs already scheduled

The Highlighted Programs we have scheduled that are shown on this page  represent Content of the highest calibre that have previously attracted viewer numbers from 1.6 to Dame Eve rages 6 Million. With an average rating of 2.6 million viewers for this content, an Agency couldn't do a lot better than support the channels launch.

Understanding that the tour de force of any TV Channel is having ownership over their own content, we have realised that it is our best interest to partner or merger with another media Firm that has those resources, therefore having done the groundwork attained our license and team, having a channel management in place we are in an excellent position to bring a partner on board who wants to cross our ready prepared bridge into both the British and India broadcasting Industry.

One of our Directors is currently Working in Production in Mumbai,and we own 9 Indian Soaps consisting of 1,734 Episodes. Two Channels one broadcasting in Delhi in Hindu and the other in Mumbai in Kannada, playing English Programs can compete with other Channels successfully earning from both languages speaking audiences, bringing in an average of  $4,00,000,000  we also expect to be able to earn around $2,000.000.000 from those markets.

Focus on the journey       

                                                          Past future now

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                                                                                       Breaking News Graphic


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                Here is where we stand in preparedness to launch  

                                                   In order to cover launch costs,

                 two  "Best" Advertising campaign offers have been made available.    


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In preparedness

We have...

1. Two broadcast operator Firms,Channel Management Contract quotes.

2. BBC Contents account registered & 12         weeks of Programs already scheduled.

3. A qualified team of 11 Candidates,             registered "friends of One World                 Television" standing by & ready to               engage.

4. The Traffic Manager,Producer / Channel     Editor,Program Planner,and Program           Scheduler are all Company Directors.   

5. A Broadcast Management Contract ready     to sign.

6. An Ofcom license assigned.                   

7. Ready to register a Barb account as soon as firm interest in reserving spots has been obtained.   

8.  An offer to Contract with SKY Media Sales,

     to provide all advertising needs.

9. A vetted buyers & sellers account with the              "RIGHTS-TRADE" Films & Programs Marketplace.

Film strip frame                                                                               Focus on the journey                                                                                                         5 Star Film Company had been offered the opportunity to launch their Program Content

                                               on the SKY "Showcase" Channel as soon as the Company is adequately funded. 
                                                                                 Jazz musicians
The broadcast hours will be 7pm - 2am - 7 days per week, providing an opportunity for Advertisers to test the viewer ratings prior to the launch of the "One World Television" Channel on its own SKY E.P.G as well as on Freeview.

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                                                                 Honours & Awards


  • The European Business Awards "Winner"​ 2016
  • The European Business Awards were launched to shine a spotlight on the ongoing work of companies of all sizes and within all sectors across the continent.
  • A.1. Finest Sector Innovator Broadcasting 2016
  • A.1. Best Intellectual Property {One to Watch} 2017

            The significance of winning 3 Awards.. has been beneficial from the standpoint of attracting new Candidate prospects, yet the lack of success in finding bidders has to be scrutinized in relation to the present media climate of transition. What helped us in winning the awards,is the fact that our website contains a labyrinth of easy to navigate rooms that present a very transparent and open disclosure of the entire business model,despite our concerns for Intellectual property theft.                                                                                                                 

Once a prospector or members of an Awards Panel register to access these rooms,every facet of the business structure, its launch process & and even the business plan is made available to be scrutinized. Although gaining access incorporates agreeing to a confidentiality agreement,we believe the judges must have considered this deployment of trust with integrity and faith,a rarely encountered cognitive perspective that enabled them to fully assess the potential of the Intellectual Property model.

Understanding that timing is of vital significance to the success of selling the Franchise,we have adopted the policy of sitting on the asset and waiting for the opportune moment to reach out,when we have found a suitable partner, instead of embarking on an intensive marketing campaign which would draw excessive publicity,with the possibility of creating another round of flooding the network with a plethora of mediocre new Channels.

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Positive Entertainment is popular,because people like to be happy and sit back and relax after a long days work, and these programs prove it.

According to Media ratings analysis, the least popular Program pictured on this page,earned £2.2 Million per broadcast, the average around £3.8 million,and the best,just over £14,000,000 for ITV during Dame Edna s One Hour Show.

The Record Advertising earning for an Hours broadcast was captured by "The Britain's got Talent Show in 2014 which brought in £16.641,000,and each advert sold for a record £500,000 during that program.

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