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                                                                           Program Schedule


Media Analysis:
The term "Content is King" encapsulates the fact that it is the Program Content that drives the viewers from Channel to Channel,rather than loyalty to a particular Channel Brand. The Media Analysis page demonstrates the fact that the Big Bang Theory Program drew the largest and also the smallest viewer ratings on E4 during one week,this was probably because of the quality of content differed on competitive Channels.

Our Analysis inspired us to go one step further and Crown the King,with a conceptual "Diamond"  analysis that what is actually driving viewers to other Programs is the public's desire to avoid programs that are being repeated too regularly. Our Crown symbol will always appear in future with our brand,to remind us that we have a Public Service duty to provide the Viewers with fresh and relatively less recycled Content.
The exception to this,is when Programs have proved themselves to be exceptionally popular,and still have the capacity to draw millions of viewers.
For the first 3 Months post launch schedule, One World Television will be featuring an unpresidented 18 new series,as well as program content that has proved to be immensely popular with audiences,and have already earned  other Channels premium advertising income by attracting  multi-million viewer stats. 

Company launch Policy: 
Being an independent going concern, deploying Professionals to manage One World Television; we realised the requirement for pre-launch revenue to be generated in order to employ the team and maintain Contract & operational costs. Our modest reservation fees have been modified to enable expenses and costs to be covered.

[Liability] The calculated minimum amount of viewers required per program to enable the channel to break through to profit,is just under 21.000 on average per program.

The Websites Reservation Sales Portal:
We looked at 4 Channel Management Products before deciding on one,yet none of them had an interactive Schedule booking system that could enable Clients to see and book their campaign spots online via the cloud and at their convenience. Thats exactly what we were looking for in order to separate regular clients from one off bookings, and finally managed to achieve by adopting an alternative Scheduling system.

          Break through Viewer Numbers
  Overall minimum of just under 21.000 views per program are required in order to breakthrough into profit.
  Expected to easily par with the E4 Channel during the first 2 weeks.
  .       See the "Latest News" page for our most recent development.

You will find the program catalogue by registering and obtaining the access code to the  "Content Submissions"page.

The catalogue shows a listing of each program along with content description.

The advertiser is then invited to engage with the program schedule,via the Program Schedule Calendar found at the "Reservation Sales Portal" and creatively apply their selected available advertising spot booking reservations on the reservation form provided. 


 To make spot reservations on the Program Schedule Calendar,ensure that you understand the process.

1. After Registration, go to the Terms & Conditions Page,and access the Reservations Sales Portal via the (demo version) access account. Learn the Brand submission process,then Register as a new account client at the "Booking Reservations" page.

1. Re-enter the Portal then... Press the "New Reservations" button.

You will then see the Program,the series no. the episode no. the number of available spots,and the play out sequence. e.g.  Parkinson: 60m / Series 10  /  Episode 4  / Spots: 4x6* 24 spots / 1 m

2. Enter the Advert Brand Names and in what Ad-playout segment they are to be reserved. [e.g 1,2,3.4.5,6

etc]      If the Program duration was 60m then the Advertising slots would be 4 at 15m intervals 

3. Repeat this process throughout the weekly / monthly Program schedule. 

For large campaigns we recommend that you get reservations in within 3 days,to insure the campaign wont be interrupted!           

                         [ *  4x6?  4 = the number of Ad-breaks during the Program & 6 represents the number of Advertisements played during each break]    

[Register on the terms & conditions page to receive the "unlock page codes.


          Media Kit Engagement Protocol

             Advertisers only.

  1. To see the Broadcasting contract please read and submit the Terms & Conditions*  form to obtain the "locked rooms" access code.
  2. Register your interest at the "Client Registration" page to enter our CRM database.
  3. Unlock the "Booking Reservations" page to see the program schedule. There you can reserve "spots" for the pre-launch programs schedule.
  4. We will contact you.
  5. Once your customer registration has been validated a customer account will be established.


Their Brand,One World Television Channel Franchise,won the "Acquisitions International"

Sector Innovator Award for Broadcasting [2015]

The Best of Comedy
Open Mic

A New Channel is waiting to be born,and promising to deliver!

One World Television is a performing arts focused Television channel which is dedicated to bringing quality entertainment which is centred on being uplifting, humorous or educational. To be a haven for viewers who desire a break from crime, horror and violence so often seen on television. Our viewer can enjoy weekends with family friendly television. 
One World Television will broadcast 40 hrs, 7 days per week. 
Starting next Summer on the SKY Network you can enjoy our programs on Saturdays 5pm -12pm and Sundays from 4 pm to 12 pm,and during the week,from 7pm to 12pm.
The Channel will spearhead the way to seeking out & discovering fresh content!

So Weekends are the time when you can relax?
Why not set the Scene and allow One World Television to create a haven of harmony in the home!