Access the Pre launch Program Schedules designated for "One World Television" Channel (below)


  Access the Pre launch Program Schedules designated for the "Show case 3" Channel  (above)

          Advertisers Reservations Portal (demo login)

                                            Here Clients may also see the Program Schedule,before we have set-up a Client account.

                                                           When you register we shall send you the Client Login details.

                                                           Your (demo) login access passwords are below, please press the bar and then press Administrator

                                                           Login,on the following page,then enter the email below as Account Name & the code as Password

(Login) - (Password) - 55555  - Press Here!



To view the "One World Television Channel Program schedule Upon access of the Program Calendar, Forward the calendar to Aug 20. 2016   or to July 2nd to access the "Showcase 3" Program schedules.

The Reservations Portal allows You to Login as a prospective Client,to View the Program  Program Schedule. When Analysis is completed,You can reserve available spots at each Program Schedule. Clients should initially use the demo portal to learn how to register the Brands spot reservations. Once the easy format instructions have been read and copied,and the new Client has received their "new account" password detail,then and only then can reservation bookings be submitted. The Portal is engaged for viewing & reservations only.  Five days after content files have been delivered,clients will be able to view their scheduled Advert spots on the Channel Managements database Program Playout playlist.


                                                  Introductory Campaign offers.

 Our Pre-launch Free Advertising "First-Served" Campaign Offer!

To commemorate our Program Schedule launch on the SKY networks "Showcase 3" Channel,we shall be releasing three opportune offers that will afford advertisers a superb bargain.

  1. To fund our launch which requires 3 mths of broadcasting fees paid in advance we are offering an exclusive one-off introductory free advertising campaign offer to the first buyer of 100 spots. The Spots will be made available under contract for a deposit of £94,000 in which the entire deposit shall be returned within 35  days after the first day of broadcast.  
(The Introductory pre-launch offer shall be written in to the broadcast contract,therefore necessitating a fresh contract to be signed if further broadcast schedules will be required)                  

The Showcase 3 Channel will be an opportunity to test the strength of the launch of the "World Television "Channel on the strength of our Brand Advertising Campaign,which will Showcase on the Showcase Channel,prior to our second SKY Launch.

[Rules apply]  Spots can be composed of one or more brands,and will be allocated within a time daily on a 2 month time schedule only.  Card Rate Exempt for discount spots:


For pre-launch reservation bookings only, sales-portal user / clients will be limited 10 only,to enable the leading Agencies to have a fair shot at landing  their Brand campaigns without interruption,as well as regulating the volume of available discounts.        


This is the Client Protocol:

  • The client can first log-in at the Advertisers Portal above,(at the "demo") Login to see the reservation instructions.
  • (They are also printed below if you want to register immediately)
  • The client can then also see the schedule calendar and available spots.
  • The client should copy the reservation instructions,then Register at the "Sign-up" form above. Then the Spot reservations can be booked.
  • If the client wants to enter a reservation for us to  hold a Program slot, they can then submit a Calendar reservation. Use the reservation box to write down the advert brand name and volume that will appear on each program in order of sequence. Include whether a standard (S) or preferred (P) reservation is required on each spot placement booked.  
  • We send a confirmation e-mail about the reservation.
  • When the client is ready to order, they fill in and submit the reservations confirmation form which is found on the Booking Orders page,to validate their reservations,with our Admin department.

  • Industry professionals who would like to know more can contact a representative from the "Contact Page".

     Five days after content files have been delivered,clients will be able to view their scheduled Advert spots on our legacy Program play-out playlist.


Demo: Once inside the portal you will see a form similar to this. To make a reservation simply follow the instructions, type the brand names in the playout sequence you want them to run throughout each program,then add the spot number,and make the reservations.
                        A printed reservation play-out list will be sent out to your email address.


Reservation fees

Individual & bulk discounts



   Payment frequency:  Reservations / Post Broadcast

   Payment Terms:      Payment Due 10 days from Receipt of Invoice