Pre-launch Spot Bookings:  Submit Your Reservations confirmation & leave the rest to Us 

                        Please read the protocol below, before placing an order.

1. Register on the Agency Registration Page. 

For non Agency buyers the Broadcasting Contract page access code can be found by submitting the form at the Terms  & Conditions Page.

2. With the access code Agents can then view the "Programs Catalogue" at the

Content submission page & Program Schedule at the bookings reservations portal.

3. When ready You can book a pre-launch Reservation appointment below,at the Reservations Portal or Contact Us from the Contact page.

4. The Program Content Calendar will reveal how many advertising spots are available within every program slot. To place a reservation there on available spots,please click the "reservation box" and type the exact number of spots that are requested to reserve,prior to communication.


5. A £700 reservation may generate competition with another Agency that has a more preferable offering,and therefore the reservation will come in to effect the following day.

A £1.000 preferred reservation will close the spot booking to other buyers immediately.

                The "reserved"spots will then no longer be available to other Clients.

Please note that the first four weeks of "pre-launch spot bookings" must be booked & files delivered no  later than ( 9 ) weeks prior to the launch date as Sky & the Broadcast Operator Firm require a channel pre-launch testing cycle which commences several weeks prior to launch. The operator requires a four week program schedule to be ingested by them prior to transmission tests.  The only exception to this,is the Showcase 3 Channel launch,where we can accept content deliveries 3 weeks in advance of playout.




                                 Best Practices for Advertising Campaign Bookings!

1.  View the Programs Catalogue,then the Programs Calendar Schedule.
2.  Place Reservations at the "Reservations Portal" where Program Spots are desired to be reserved. Or send your spreadsheet.
3.  Send the pre-bookings due diligence form,as soon as possible, found on the "Booking Orders" page.
4.  An account will be established,and processes concluding the first quarters Ad-Spots Sales will be conducted accordingly. 

Note: The process of implimenting either the Program Calendar Reservation portal system or the "Bookings Form" will create two advantages.

[A] Will create an immediate or next day "automated" notification that the spots have been booked and cannot be ordered by another buyer.

[B] Will enable the buyer to receive a same day verification proof copy of their order,whereas a spreadsheet order may require ammendments if another buyer has also sent a spreadsheet previously.



By making reservations via the Reservations Portal Calendar,all reservations are fully automated,and submissions will prevent double bookings from another buyer.

By making reservations via either of the fully automated bookings forms,our team will impliment the calendar reservations the same day,at the standard reservation price,and will prevent double bookings that day.

The automated booking form & the booking reservations calendar have such a good invoicing notification management system,that we couldnt afford not to allow the option to use them.

By making reservations soley via a spreadsheet,the order will be prioritized after ( A & B bookings) and reservations will be confirmed the following day,at the preferred booking price.
Once Reservations payment has been received,you can deliver Content files to be Ingested on our Play-out Schedule,and we will then invite you to see the Play-out out schedule on our Channel Management database.

Confirm Your Reservations! Submit this form if you have already reserved spots,at the Sales Portal

Please tick-off due diligence check-list.

Minimum pre-launch 1st quarter Booking:(200 spots)

Thank You,we shall confirm your submission,and send you your reserved spot placements on a printed calendar sheet

 Our Pre-launch Free Advertising "First-Served" Campaign Offer!

  1. To fund our launch which requires 3 mths of broadcasting fees paid in advance we are offering an exclusive one-off introductory free advertising campaign offer to the first buyer of 100 spots. The Spots will be made available under contract for a deposit of £94,000 in which the entire deposit shall be returned within 32  days after the first day of broadcast.
  2. To expedite bookings,you can type the number of program series you want to reserve on the form below,or send an independent spreadsheet with your selection.
  3. If you use our booking calendar,dont forget to add ["Free Campaign offer"]



                                                                                        Needing help?

                                                                     Call Skype,or customer service below.


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                                                                                          then access the Passwords to enter the locked rooms.