To whom it may concern:

A Justice concerned Proposal

From 5 Star Film Company Ltd.

Dear Sirs & Madams,

                                 We the research team at 5 Star Film Company Ltd,

Would humbly like to share our findings concerning the history & future of the Television licensing system,and would like to put forward a remedy for change and resolution to the existing problems’

History:  The BBC historically & Nobly pioneered the advent of Television Broadcasting in the United Kingdom.

               In 1955 ITV began broadcasting in the London region and by 1960 had covered most regions in England & Wales,yet did not achieve full National coverage of all of Scotland until 1983.

is it not strange that the Government Broadcasting Act following the Act of 1954,did not ordain ITV and all subsequent Commercial Television Channels to contribute a meagre portion of their advertising revenue to pay for the BBC Broadcasting License,instead of the Public? For its a fact that 20,000,000 viewers were once watching the BBC Programs then ITV who managed to broadcast to every region by 1983 through Regional Franchising,had managed to poach 52% of the viewers by 1983.

The Present Situation:  Today because of the cost of Television licenses,we find that Students can't afford them,or at least prefer to spend their Student loans on social activities,and the Unemployed certainly can't afford them, and nor can those on invalidity benefits,and in many cases lower paid workers,cannot,because their budgets include paying off a mortgage,or Car financing payments,so an ever increasing portion of the Public are now looking to the internet for their entertainment. So what percentage of the public have been put off from watching television because of the cost?

Answer: 14%   Not at all it more than that because there is another percentage that have opted out!

                        Can You guess?  Thats right its that percentage that have been scared out of their wits by letters through the mail threatening them with large fines if they haven't a TV License, and how do they deal with this?

They resort to domestic arguments,usually because the wife wants to watch the telly after the housework's done,but she's afraid of the TV licensing person knocking on the door,so eventually someone breaks down and says “damn it i can't afford the extra expenditure so let's watch you tube videos instead,which then settles the domestic disputes,and alleviates the cause of them,the stress from the fear of prosecution. So another 3% don't watch television because they are afraid of intimidation & one of the Parties does not welcome paying the Fee!

So 17% of 20,000,000 is 3.400.000 who are not paying licenses!


This is a ridiculous situation,to find that people are caused to have criminal records now, just because Authorities have never had the incite to realise in their lives story,that Commercial TV Channels are the one's who are profiting from the viewers watching their programs,and they don't have to make a contribution,but the public have to bare the costs!  The Public don't earn anything from the TV Channel's nor advertisers,so why should they be taxed and the Commercial channel's get away with taking the viewers from the BBC?

We believe this is an “Emperor's New Clothes Story,the Licensing Committee didn't get it back in the 1950s and the Authorities still don't understand the Justice auspices of the situation today.

Please try to understand this point!

The BBC and the government have got it wrong!

When the first ITV Channel's began to grow, Because...they were poaching the BBCs Public Viewers,and profiting from the viewers by earning Advertising revenue,then the system should have been changed to initiate that ITV Should pay the BBC all its licensing fees,because ITV were earning revenue “caused” by the Viewers attention span!

Today,it is though the Viewers are being punished by the BBC & Ofcom for making the Commercial TV Channel's phenomenally wealthy!

Isn't it time that the Hundred of Commercial TV Channel's paid the BBC instead of the Public, we believe so,and here are the reasons why!

  1. We have calculated that if each Channel owner on Freeview & SKY Channel's network alone contributed to pay the BBCs licensing fee requirement sum of £2.1 Billion, then it would only take 4 hours (nearly exactly 4 hours) of Advertising playout time per year, for that amount to be paid off!

Think of this,the Record amount of Advertising earned during one Program was on the “Britain's Got Talent” Show in 2014,when a single 30 second advert cost £500,000,and more than £16,000,000 was earned during that one show. Generally a Popular Program can command Advert Costs of £36,000 per million viewers,so if there are 3,000,000 viewers that's £108,000,per advert,so throughout the Hundreds of Channels,of course 2,000,000,000 can be earned in 4 hours of advertising time.

2.  If the Licensing fee was dropped,and Commercial Channel's were made to pay for the BBC License,then surely most of the Viewers would return,and that would make the Advertisers happy,and of course the TV Channel's would be delighted,because another 3,000,000 viewers would create a lot more money for the Channel's,and in fact it would more than compensate most of them by swallowing up the 4 hours of Advert revenue deficit throughout the years broadcasting period!  

This surely Makes sense doesn't it!

                  The Present Concept of BBC Licensing!

The Future:

Make the Channel's pay the BBC and absolve the public of this punishment,threat and liability, they are the one's who enable the commercial channel's earn their Millions per week, for we know that Channel 4 can earn £42,000,000 per week,and a top earner around £76,000,000 per week.

Please don't think we are critical of the BBC,Far from it,we are admirers,because we know that no other U.K Producer of Program Content is as supportive of Producers & Production Companies than the BBC,and this is why we want to campaign for a change in the licensing system.

As we have an account with BBC Worldwide Sales,we noticed that there are many many new series that are just not being contracted,and other Channels are not buying them,with the exception of a few excellent programs such as “Lives in the Wild” & the Musketeers of course.

Now this must be a disaster for the Producers of these series who are waiting for revenue to come in so they can pay back their investors,and possibly are facing bankruptcy.

We investigated this too, and the results were not surprising, we found that wealthy Channel owner's, preferred to strategize by recycling their own Content as much as they could get away with,increase the amount of repeats, schedule more Adverts than the OFCOM regulations allowed,in order to increase profits and resist investing in new content in order to increase profits year by year,as less viewers were showing up to watch their programs due to threats of prosecution from the Licensing enforcement  Institution.

We also discovered that another OFCOM Regulation that was designated to protect the British Film & Production Industry was also being blatantly ignored,and this is why those American Channel's are not buying from the BBC,



Now we know that all the American Channel's schedule 100% of their Programs from U.S Sources,and then they mop up a lot of British Corporate Advertising Money and send a lot of it back to the States to their Parent Companies.

That's 50% of Programs that should be supporting whomsoever is supporting British Production Companies,and they are getting away with this year by year.


USA,Movies for Men 5 Star,and all the other U.S Channel's, where are your 50% of British Programs on your schedule list?

You are breaking the law,by blatantly violating your OFCOM License rules & compliance.

They should be getting fined quarterly at each Audit period,and those fines should go to the BBC to compensate out of Pocket Producers & Production Companies who are out of pocket,because these Channel's won't buy British Productions, but they will take British Corporate Advertisers Billions of Pounds per Annum and send it back to their content owner's in Los Angeles!

I wrote to My M.P who forwarded it to the Culture & Digital Media Government Minister about this,,in praise of the BBC,for their sponsorship of the British Program Production Industry,and asked them why Ofcom was not enforcing compliance! I explained that i understood why they were allowing the illegal volume of adverts to be broadcast,and they could turn a blind eye to that because it brings in more tax revenue,but it was not acceptable that the BBC be stranded with a huge plethora of un-contracted TV Series,and excellent one's at that,because the U.S Channel's would rather give the contracts to U.S Content owners and break the law,and get away with it,because it was more profitable for them not to be compliant with the license rules. Because this regulation was originally put in place to protect our Production Industry in the first place.

My MP Informed me that she the Department Government Minister had resigned 2 weeks later;to be replaced by Karen Bradley,what was that all about?

Yes Ladies & Gentlemen, Will the BBC support a Campaign to transfer the responsibility for paying for the TV License,from the Public of whom many are being alienated from watching it,to the Many Commercial TV Channel's,who can easily afford it,and in doing so,the Nation will find that the alienated Viewing public who have at gut instinct level have responded to their “sense of Injustice” and have opted out of the penance of having to pay for a license when evidence and reason is crying “For Goodness Sake”?

The Emperor in this case hasn't had this common sense revelation to him until today,so surely he must see in the Mirror of Reason that the Present License system has no Justice nor clothes,”

Here Kindly accept this free pair of Briefs!

British Content is King!

And is the Vital key to re-compensate the British Film & Production Industry

Best Regards,

From 5 Star Film Company Ltd