In 1936 during the depression,Rockefeller conducted an experiment in New York. He had his people stand in Times Square handing out $20 notes. He gave them $500.000 to give away,but failed to give out more than $200,because people were too suspicious to talk it let alone take it!

The Mind set of the People was suspicious!
Whether they feared it was a Mafia prank or simply fell for the adage "If its too good to be true,then it proberly isnt" wasn't conclusive.

However what kind of Person is it,that has the Mind Set that is built of Faith,and the willingness to discover the Truth,and be open & diligent enough to initiate their own impetus on their own initiative, to tread the path that leads to verification and complete confidence that whatever providence has to offer is legitimate and worthy?

That is the type of Person whom we are looking for to help us launch a Historic Endeavour,that will last for as long as time allows...