Today's Television Channels are structured to incorporate outsiders shareholders interests to be financially leveraged into the governance structure of the business. Yet the intensity of the conflict of interests between the drive for financial profit escalation and the strive to establish viewers satisfaction,seems to have deemed that the continuity of profits must be the prime motivator.
Because of the Mogul Industries Corporate structure,the entire Industry has begun to close down their investments in acquiring new Content,in favour of reaping a more for less expenditure,through the strategy of scheduling more and more program repeats.

The One World Television Channel Franchise was developed with two ethical principles in mind,and therefore our preference for a Franchisee Contractor shall be a Film Company,for they keep our entertainment Industry alive and employ more employees waiting for work than any other type of Company.

The Channels Brand theme is to Play out Positive Light Entertainment.

Here are our reasons.

1. We feel that too many Programs are being produced that rely on the same old themes.

Car Chases,Murders,Gangland Fights,Shootouts, Cops and Criminal Action,Warfare,Horror,Zombie Movies,Vampire Movies,and general Domestic Violence and  Court Scenes.

Considering that hours and hours of viewing of this Content that plays on the viewers nerves, creates stress or invokes fear or adrenal responses,are being absorbed by viewers daily, then there must also be a place for a positive Influential Channel instead where families can block out this type of input from their lives should they choose to?

2. Finally, we discovered that BBC have invested in a plethora of new Productions Documentaries and new Series,and the Network Channels are simply not buying them because its far more profitable to continue to play out their own content and deliver their quota of repeats each day.

This is having a serious effect on the Film Industry as less money is returning to the Industry,therefore there is now a serious shortage of funding for Television Series,often leaving Producers high & dry,when they have had to mortgage their homes in order to sponsor a Production. Therefore the One World Television Channel is ideally positioned to offer a final solution for a Film Company operation,due to its capacity to consistently bring in a large enough revenue stream to fund all future Film Production needs.

                                         5 Star Film Co.Ltd.  A British Company.

Whom originally designed with a purpose in Mind to collaborate with sustainable resources that build International Broadcasting Content,have purposed themselves to develop several matured I.P Business licensing Models that have the potential to make a financially beneficial impact upon the International Broadcasting Industry."One World Television" is the Worlds first International Television Channel Franchise,which will enable any qualified Franchisee to be able to launch the brand within a selection of up to 8 International territories,with the initial Channel launch geared to engage within a minimum time schedule of 5 Months.
Inquire through our Linked-in  Profile page to learn about Our esteem-able,Invest-able,incorruptible staunch I.P. Assets.

1. The "Media Mentor"​ Marketing Program.
2. Public Contribution Credits.
3. "Legendary Concerts"​:A TV Series Franchise.

4. Entrepreneurs On-Board (A New Reality TV Program)
5. "One World Television" (The Worlds only "International" Television Channel Franchise)

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   A short-termed Golden Opportunity for outside prospectors to invest in a New Television Channel Launch:

5 Star Film Company Ltd are to release 20,000  {Redeemable} "Preferred Shares" valued at £10 each,to fund the launching of "One World Television" Channel. The Shares costing (£200,000)  are redeemable an exit strategy accessible exactly 16 weeks after they have been registered with Companies house. The Shares will be re-purchased with Advertising revenue, for exactly  £300,000. 

Sold on a  "first came,first served" basis, the Sole shareholder will receive a Friends of One World Television Channel Certificate,and will be invited to Live Concert Film Shoots,throughout the production of two Filmed TV Series,and to the VIP Reception Parties afterwards.

It may seem evident that the Company needs the investment income in order to successfully launch the Channel on other networks,therefore the stakes being high,the tangible rewards are high. Because the Channel is able to launch on 6 U.K Networks as well as on several International ones also,we have several investment avenues designated to fund multiple launches,that would be otherwise beyond our means.

This specific equity earning investment is designated to allow us to launch on the SKY Showcase 3 network only.

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                                                                                Shares Option evaluation:

1. Directors Shares: The Shareholder becomes a director,purchases all 20,000 shares and enables the Channel to launch.

                                    The Shareholder is rewarded with 1% equity of 5 Star Film Company Ltd Profit,or £1,000,000 whatever is more. (The best deal)

2. The Shareholder buys 20,000 with a redemption certificate of 16 weeks. The Shares will be purchased back with advertising revenue,with a dividend  of 50% Shares are purchased back at £300,000. (This is the 2nd best option to earn a quick profit,by enabling the Channel to launch)

3. Shareholder purchases 20,000 shares with a dividend of 22% per annum. The Shares are purchased back after three years. Overall dividend earned 66%  (This option is the 2nd best if an income for 3 years is preferred) 

P.S. The Directors Shares will earn 1% of the equity that 5 Star Film Company Ltd will earn from the Channel. 5 Star Film Company Ltd will be under contract to Manage the Channel for the I.P Owner,and their stake is 10%]