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Here you will find our latest Collections themed around topical subjects, anniversaries and so as to give you ideas for useful programme packages. We welcome your suggestions for other Collections so please do let your Sales Representative know if you have an idea for a theme that could be used for a future collection.

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As Russia prepares to host the 2018 World Cup, this collection features incredible programmes that focus on the country’s rich history, fascinating culture and vast landscape – from thrilling dramas and charming travelogues to gripping documentaries and bold investigative journalism.

Doctor Who - Wholloween Takeover of Monsters

This spine-tingling collection of episodes deliver thrills and chills aplenty as we present the Whoniverse’s most frightening foes. Featuring epic encounters with iconic adversaries such as the Daleks, the Weeping Angels and the Ood, these hair-raising episodes are certain to set pulses racing.

Doctor Who - New To Who

Jumping into the Whoniverse is easier than you might think. Featuring iconic episodes such as ‘Blink’ and ‘Vincent and the Doctor’, our New to Who bundle of episodes provides perfect bitesize introductions to the Doctors and their intrepid companions.

Doctor Who - Best of the Companions

Far from supporting characters, The Doctor’s companions act as our essential guides to the Whoniverse. Always questioning and up for adventure, these TARDIS travelers help us find our way into the Doctor’s world. This collection brings you recent highlights that range from big bold reunions to intimate family moments, along with companions with mysteries of their own to solve.  

Doctor Who - The Christmas Takeover

The Doctor Who Christmas Special can always be relied on deliver festive spirit with a TARDIS twist. The Time Lord’s seasonal adventures include encounters with sinister snowmen, masked Santa robots and a trip back in time to the doom