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Become a content provider agent, sourcing music videos for a TV Channel

5 Star Film Co. Ltd will pay agents £500 per one hour quality broadcast video located.



       The One World Television Channel will be Broadcast Managed and operated by the Advanced Broadcast Service from London.

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Company Overview

Today ABS is one of the largest independently owned playout and television facilities companies in Europe. The home of the Absolute Delivery Platform, ABS manages the transmission and technical requirement of many major television channels globally. Looking forward, we have positioned ABS as the content digitisation and management centre of choice for content owners and television channels. The recent launch of our new state-of-the art Media Asset Management facility, built around a factory environment for Analogue, SD and HD tape digitisation and management, has secured our position as one of the largest mass digitisation centres in Europe. Our new centre is capable of handling hundreds of thousands of hours of video and associated files on behalf of content owners.

Experience and Excellence

Our business was founded by Sass Jahani, an ex BBC Broadcast Engineer, over 20 years ago. From the outset we have been involved in the television broadcast sector, designing and implementing bespoke broadcast installations internationally. Since the advent of the Sky Digital platform in the UK in 1998 we have gained considerable recognition as a service provider having developed our playout operations centre which now supports the needs of more than fifty TV channels. By strategically combining traditional broadcast practices with the latest technology and innovative thinking, we have pioneered many of today’s best practices in the multi-channel playout and transmission environment as evidenced by our Absolute Delivery Platform. Through our ABS Academy we have formalised the training process for staff in our sector which has now become a cornerstone of our ongoing endeavour to achieve excellence in our delivery of service.

Technology and Service

Over the years we have developed a reputation for excellence based on sound business principles. Our technical facilities are based on the best Available Reliable Maintainable equipment. New innovations in the industry are immediately adopted and merged into the mainstream of our Absolute Delivery Platform as soon as their efficacy is tested and proven. Staff, with an appropriate cultural understanding of our clients' businesses, are recruited and trained to automate television transmission workflows and operations. Staff retention at ABS is the highest in our sector as is our diversity record, in keeping with the global nature of our clients. Our focused approach to broadcast services has proven to be our greatest asset; we run a smaller and more directly focused operation than our competitors in multinational corporations, we are more flexible and better able to stay close to our clients' changing requirements. We always take decisions quickly and move with unparalleled speed to bring new technologies and working processes online in order to give our clients the competitive advantages they need to succeed in their respective businesses.

Future Thinking

Our programme of planned investment for the future has just brought online one of Europe's largest Mass Digitisation and Media Asset Management centres. We are mindful of our clients' needs to maximise the revenue potential of their content assets. To that end we boast one of the largest facilities for mass content digitisation, user friendly archiving and fast turnaround repurposing of large volume digital media suitable for delivery to any platform. We have positioned ABS as the content digitisation centre of choice for content owners and television channels. Our mission, as a service provider in the broadcast space, is to take the technical headache away from television channels and content owners, leaving them to focus on their core business; monetising their content.


  • Advanced Broadcast Services Limited, 11 Park Royal Metro Centre,
    Britannia Way, London, NW10 7PA, United Kingdom
    © Advanced Broadcast Services Limited 2016




Can Money Grow on Trees? (Panorama)

News and Current Affairs Episodes: 1 x 30'
First TX Date: 08/09/2008
Panorama investigates the rising threat to virgin rainforest, and the failure of traditional protection methods. On the back of the Brazilian government's announcement of the plan to develop the Amazon, including the construction of roads and dams, the threat to the rainforest is greater than ever. But could the area's saviour come from an unexpected source?

BBC Electric Proms 2007: Paul McCartney

Music Episodes: 1 x 60  
First TX Date: 24/10/2007
Sir Paul McCartney's performance at the BBC Electric Proms was one of the best live performances of the event. A master of melodies, the former Beatle was joined on stage by a special string section for a truly spectacular and memorable performance including tracks from his album Memory Almost Full as well as some crowd-pleasing classics.

Extras: Xmas 2007 Special

Comedy Episodes: 1x80 (Also Available as Format)  
First TX Date: 27/12/2007
Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant sign off in style, bringing the multi-award-winning, critically acclaimed Extras to an emotional and emphatic end. Former 'background artist' Andy Millman has achieved fame and fortune. His transformation from bit-part stand-in to household name is now complete. And he has the new, hot-shot agent to prove it. But best...

The Princess Spy

History Episodes: 1 x 50'
First TX Date: 19/05/2006
Born a princess from a titled Indian Muslim family, Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan was raised as a society beauty and soon became a successful children's author in France, taking the Parisian community by storm. But her glamorous days in Paris were not to last. When war broke out with Germany Noor and her family became refugees. She escaped to England.

The Catherine Tate Show Series 3

Comedy Episodes: 6 x 30'
First TX Date: 26/10/2006
Catherine Tate, winner of the 2004 British Comedy Award for Best Comedy Newcomer, returns with her popular sketch show featuring an extraordinary gallery of comic characters. From 'Am I bovvered?' teenage nightmare Lauren to the seemingly pleasant 'Cockney Nan', who just happens to be a foul-mouthed racist, this brilliantly observed series...

The Catherine Tate Show: Series 1

Comedy Episodes: 6 x 30'
First TX Date: 16/02/2004
A self-titled sketch show from the Perrier-nominated comedian. This hilarious series is a menagerie of instantly recognisable characters, from the Hollywood actress with an over-enthusiastic penchant for botox to the screaming housewife who hollers every time her toast jumps from the toaster. Characters from everyday life are parodied to the   extreme.

Pacific Abyss

Natural History Episodes: 3 x 50'
First TX Date: 17/08/2008
In one of the most ambitious underwater projects undertaken, a 30-strong team of divers, marine biologists and underwater filmmakers join forces to travel nearly 2,000 miles through the tiny islands of Micronesia in the tropical Pacific Ocean. The mission: to search for new species at abyssal depths in remote and unexplored areas and to glory in the marine life.

Alistair McGowan's 2001 Impressions

Comedy Episodes: 1 x 40'
First TX Date: 25/12/2001
Alistair McGowan's impersonations place together some very unlikely famous characters - with hilarious results. Among his 'cast' are Woody Allen, Robbie Williams, Gary Lineker, Tim Henman, Greg Rusedski and Oasis's Gallagher brothers, all saying and doing the most absurd things. 

The Peter Sellers Story: Special

Documentaries Episodes: 1 x 90'
First TX Date: 11/02/1995
Peter Sellers shot hundreds of home movies during his lifetime. Most have never been screened in public until now. These films, plus interviews with friends and family, provide a privileged glimpse into the private life and imagination of this inventive, original and well-loved actor.


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